Men’s neckties are some of the strangest fashion accessories on planet Earth. They serve no practical purpose, yet, strangely, the most powerful people on earth, including presidents, prime ministers, and princes wear them. And with powerful figures wearing ties, many have noticed some common style themes showcased by these powerful figures when it comes to their ties. Some call them power ties. So, what are power ties?

Obviously, ties come in a wide range of styles, patterns, and shapes. From mega-wide to super skinny, from stripes to patterns to solids, from silk to polyester, and on and on.

Ties, like every fashion piece, communicate something, whether the wearer likes it or not. For example, if the knot isn’t tied properly, people perceive the tie-wearer as being amateur and sloppy. If the tie isn’t tied at the proper length (to the top of the belt), it communicates amateur and sloppy. If the tie is cartoony, it communicates amateur and sloppy. Are we seeing a pattern here?

If you want to communicate POWER through your tie, do the following:

(1) Wear a tie with red.

Red is the go-to color to evoke strength and power. Whether its a solid red tie or a sharp striped (not candy cane) tie that incorporates red in the mix, you’ll feel powerful with a pop of crimson in the tie.

(2) Tie a proper, solid, tight knot

This is a must. A knot needs to be tied that is tight, but not so tight it crinkles the shirt collar. Avoid the Half-Windsor. It has the uncanny potential of making you look like an 8th grader. However, if the fabric of your tie is thick enough, like polyester, a Half-Windsor can look pretty sharp.

(3) Tie the tie to the proper lenght

The length of your tie should extend so the tip touches the top of your belt. Don’t be the one who ties the tie so short that the tip barely reaches your belly button, and be the one who ties the tie so long that the knot is a teeny-weeny little knot and so you don’t have any tie-fabric to tuck in the keeper strap.


So there you have it. The 3 keys to a power tie are: (1) Incorporate red (2) Tie a good knot, and (3) Tie it for the proper length.

Be warned, though, having power doesn’t mean having happiness. Happiness is not found in what you wear, but the the kind of life you live.