All successful companies have one thing in common. On average, they carry more assets than they do liabilities. These companies are also quick to take note when something that was once an asset now has become a liability. They either try to make this new liability an asset again or they swiftly remove it from the company. This process may sound easy enough unless the liability you are thinking of is your relationship with your business partner.

Business partners, whether you realize it or not, are engaged in a kind of professional marriage. Like a marriage, you come together in the beginning with a common goal of building toward a shared vision. This may have worked for a while, but now one or both of you have changed just enough to no longer fit so perfectly with the other anymore. Who’s the problem? Maybe you’re both ok, but you’re just no longer ok together.

Studies show that many people running companies tend to be type “A” personalities. Chances may be that you and your partner have just realized that you’re both dominant personality types. The underlying cause of the “dis-ease” is that maybe you’re both too strong willed with not enough willingness to accommodate the other.

Our philosophy here at The Goldhill Group isn’t necessarily that opposites attract and fit well together either. We believe that it’s more about complements coming together that are really more compatible in the long run. We believe that there’s still a chance that you can get through to you difficult business partner and eliminate the dis-ease that has become your relationship.

To do this, it’s important that we get you on a strong business partnership detoxification program. It’s important that we focus on getting rid of all the emotions considered to be toxic to your partnership and that alone eliminates a lot of the dis-ease you’ve come to know. Emotions like anger, resentment, jealousy, suspicion and bitterness are all highly toxic emotions.